About Us

The Peace Group of Journalists (PGOJ) is a platform as well as a movement of writers, intellectuals and other professionals who promote the power of pen, striving for peace, interfaith harmony and empowerment of women folk through imparting skill with the missionary spirit.

The founder of PGOJ Saeed- ur-Rehman Siddiqui is himself a journalist who took an initiative to launch an organization in 2004, different from traditional NGOs.He started working to achieve the goals andset out targets for the organization. Initially, the PGOJ was a journalist based social welfare organization, however, in the passage of time it was decided that to expand the organization according to  its need and scope and include passionate volunteers other than the journalists intending to work and serve the humanity with a missionary spirit. As the PGOJ has nothing to offer any economic benefits, our organization is unprofitable and its basic objective is to serve the suffering humanity particularly the downtrodden and destitute women community, orphan and helpless street children despite having limited resources. We always welcomeand appreciate to those philanthropists who are ready to become the part of our organization, deliver their services, extend their cooperation and help the suffering humanity.

The PGOJ is also struggling for interfaith harmony, promotion of education, human rights, and freedom of press, protection of environment, rights of women, skill development of women, and child rights. The PGOJ has the coordinated network in Pakistan, India, KSA, UK, USA, either sides of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and Europe while having the organizational contacts in other half a dozen countries.


Theterrorism, extremism, massacre, genocide, ethnic cleansing, poverty, grass human rights violations, gender discrimination are the menace and black spot on humanity and a big threat to the world peace which have turned the world a place of hell. Some powerful elements of the world and helm of affairs in powerful countries are terming the religions the cause of such evils and few terming it clash between the civilizations and particularly targeting Islam which is obviously a biased myth. All the religions and civilizations preach and teach the lesson of universal brotherhood and peace. Islam in particular is the torch bearer of coexistence, peace, interfaith harmony and universal brotherhood.

It is only Islam as a religion in history of the world among all religions and civilizations which has given the women a higher social status in the society, and empowers her with equal rights. The holy life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) presents the great human charter, which clearly defines the social, political, economic and code of lifeincluding the principles of treaties between the individuals as well as the nations.

Manifesto of PGOJ)

The Peace Group of Journalist (PGOJ) is engaged to play its role in settling the fundamental human rights issues including the poverty alleviation through skill development, eradication of ignorance through education, hygienic issues through cleanliness drives and other social issues byseeking the social cooperation from well reputed social and public figures, religious clerics and political figures of the society. The PGOJ is also working for empowerment of women which is the fundamental part of its manifesto and struggle for the freedom of press.

All the activities of PGOJ is basically revolving around the objectives of fraternity, brotherhood, peace, interfaith harmony and love to humanity irrespective of creed,color,race,faith,region or religion and under the PGOJ platform.We strive for getting awareness among the masses through media and social services particularly in the backward societies in order to uproot ill customs, traditions from the society without interfering their religious faith and social norms. We recognize the importance of dialogue between the different faiths and cultures and encourage such efforts and activities which could be carried out for the promotion of interfaith harmony and brotherhood as to generate a healthy society.

We start with the following pray.

May Almighty Allah shower his blessings upon whole humanity.