Environmental hazards and pollution is the global issue, which causes danger to nature and all living creatures. The neat and clean climate is essential for life circle and survival of nature but unfortunately the environment around us is going under threat due to pollution. the speedy growing industrialization, manmade development, ruthless wood cutting and emission of smoke from factories which is becoming the cause of concern for the natural life and the pollution is caused by humans themselves day by day due to carelessness and unawareness. The trees in forests are being chopped down ruthlessly which severely damages the natural atmosphere and causes several environmental hazards including land erosion, pollution, floods, droughts, unbalance temperature, thinning of Ozone layers etc. it destroys the living creatures as a result of unawareness about pollution free concept in the society, the small errors later becomes the major problems, the social and state level serious efforts needed to make our environment friendly. The pollution free and clean air respiration is the right of every living substance. To highlight this sensitive and vital issue through media and institutional awareness drive is the need of the hour to deal with this grave international problem