Freedom of Press

The media has turned whole world into a global village in present era and importance of media has immensely increased, it is better to say that media brought the different nations closer to each other as well as individuals and played a pivotal role in globalizing the world, that is why the current period is known as the era of mass media. Media being the watchdog, it has to perform its social obligations honestly and transparently without any favoritism, greed, liking, disliking or coming under threat.Most of the media houses which have professional approach and come up to the expectations of the masses while fulfilling their national responsibilities to protect the national interests. However, there are also some media Houses existing all over the world which are more power hubs of corporations than media Houses.
The PGOJ aims to struggle for sovereign media with the cooperation of other such organizations working on this front. PGOJ desires that media should be influence free from all nonprofessional quarters, entrepreneurs and political entities besides, secure physically and financially.
The journalism which is the fourth pillar of a state, the media persons attached with this profession and deliver their professional services in the different conflicted zones of the world are facing enormous difficulties in performing their professional duties. It is deplorable that Media persons are being killed, disappeared, tortured and threatened through different means elsewhere in the world. Sanctions are being imposed on media in different countries even in democratic countries despite dispensing the professional responsibilities with impartiality by media. It is pathetic that who keeps care of all but no one cares for his/her physical, social and financial security.
Despite confronting all such challenges, Media persons deliver their professional duties and making the society informative, whatever taking place around the globe each and every moment and highlighting their issues, providing guidelines to the governments by identifying social, political and economic issues which bridges the gap between the government and its citizens. The encouragement of qualified youths towards the journalism is also essential through organization level by infusing spirit of courage and honesty. Although! It is difficult to tackle all these issues however; it is not impossible while taking initiative and firm resolve in this regard.

The Peace Group of Journalists (PGOJ) is also struggling for the rights of journalists and free media. The organization raises the voice for the basic rights of journalists, freedom of press and implementation of wage board Award in Azad Kashmir. The PGOJ stages the protest rallies against the financial harassment of newspaper owners against the media workers, unlawful sanctions of the government on the press and ban on freedom of speech etc. The PGOJ endeavoring for the welfare of the journalists and for increasing their professional skill and potential through training workshops which are the part of the programs of the organization aims to secure the journalists from unemployment