Our Vision and Mission


Within our parameters our vision is to make efforts in setting up such a society to be based on peace, justice, equal rights, democratic norms, coexistence, tolerance and interfaith harmony whereas, the common people may enjoy all the fundamental rights and the state should be answerable to its masses.


  • The PGOJ would promote peace through media, education and mobilization of youth.
  • The efforts would be made for ensuring human rights, democratic values and free media with constant struggle besides, purging of poverty, ignorance through establishing skill development centers and educational institutions for downtrodden.
  • Taking steps for creating awareness among women regarding their basic role in the society to highlight their rights and take active part in decision making.
  • The special focus for the protection of women and child rights, eradication of child labor particularly the street children.
  • The PGOJ would promote and encourage interfaith harmony as to bring the people of different faiths on one platform for upholding the common goal of universal brotherhood for the coexistence of human race.
  • The Measures for the awareness of environment which is the future threat to life of all creatures especially for the mankind.