Interfaith Harmony

Interfaith Harmony

The dominant Muslim population of our country is 95% and rest is minorities while the 100% is not complete without 5% figure. The minorities living in our country are also the equal citizens of this country like the majority, they have the same rights to enjoy all these facilities like the majority enjoys but sometimes they are being ignored and victimized by influential individuals. Similarly it is necessary that a strong voice may be raised for their genuine rights at community level to provide equal justice for resolving their problems.

The humanity is passing through a crucial juncture of the history. The voices of clash between civilizations were on the rise a decade back. The gap between different faiths and cultures has given space to misunderstandings, that are becoming the prelude of war and negative propaganda are being made to create hatred between the faiths and cultures. It is inevitable to find a way out and set a stage for interfaith dialogue process from local community level up to international level while adopting the universally acknowledged principle “live and let live” policy across the world.

Measures must be taken for the creation of interfaith coordination. The comprehensive teamwork and struggle is needed to undertake this mission.The PGOJ according to its manifesto, the minorities not only have been given membership of the Org., but also have been given opportunity to work and promote interfaith harmony. We encourage minorities and women to join our organization and work together for their betterment.

The Peace Group of Journalists is working for interfaith harmony between different faiths and cultures The PGOJ organizes interfaith conferences, seminars, Workshops and debates to bring the people of different faiths close to one another.

PGOJ has established schools for Christian children, apart from providing free education, books, uniform and stationary are also provided to them. The PGOJ gives away the gifts to the Christians and other minorities on their religious festivals to promote interfaith harmony and express solidarity with them.

The PGOJ acquired land from the AJK government for the church and graveyard for Christian community in AJK capital Muzaffarabad. The relentless efforts of Mr. Saeed-ur-Rehman Siddiqui made it possible in 2006.The United Religion Initiative (URI) USA, an organization working for peace and interfaith harmony at international level has recognized the efforts of PGOJ and give their membership to PGOJ.