Rights of Prisoners

The Peace Group of Journalists is actively engaged in extending every possible help through legal aid to those prisoners who have been involved in ordinary and less harmful crimes as to make them useful citizens of the society. The PGOJ has set up Mini Libraries in different jails. The prisoners are provided Eid gifts on the occasion of Eid. Moreover, schooling of moral and character building is also provided to the prisoners. The PGOJ is also providing the free legal aid to those prisoners who are detained illegally or who have completed their imprisonment but are still languishing in jails. The PGOJ is also raising issues of juvenile prisoners at different forums to ensure their release from the jails.

We also raise voice for those prisoners who are hailing from Pakistan and Azad Kashmir and had been apprehended illegally by Indian authorities on false accusation and are languishing Indian jails without any proper trail and prosecution including the Kashmiri prisoners who are being detained on political grounds in jails of Indian held Kashmir whereas, the PGOJ has succeed to ensure the release of dozens of prisoners from Indian jails by involving local administration, human rights organizations, media and legal fraternity.