Rights of Women and Childern

It is unfortunate that women are being deprived of their basic rights in our society. Islam is the torchbearer of women rights but in some of our societies women are being deprived from inheritance, education and other social and economic rights, as Islam has strongly stressed upon the men to fulfill the women rights. The PGOJ endeavors to limelight the women in the race of progress along with men shoulder to shoulder. The organization holds the workshops, study circles, and group discussions for the awareness of women regarding their rights while the work is being done on different sectors for the welfare and development of women with the technical and financial coordination.
The PGOJ always raised the voice against accesses perpetuated on women in the society. The PGOJ hire lawyers to provide free legal aid to destitute and helpless women for seeking the justice.

The PGOJ has initially setup twelve (12) indoor skill development centers in district Muzaffarabad for women, where they are imparted different skills to empower them financially and utilize their skill on business pattern with entrepreneur shape.

Designs customized courses, tailored to the specific needs of women folk and development of institutions which have a progressive objective. To fulfill the particular requirements of institutions PGOJ exclusive in-house courses aim to provide maximum value from training through focused and controlled outlines and agendas.

PGOJensures that all the training programs are updated on a regular basis and meet the organization requirements. The courses are developed with clear objectives and have specific outcomes which are aimed at providing valuable learning and producing tangible results. All training programs at PGOJ skill development centers are delivered using modern learning methods and include: class-room lectures, role plays, exercises, case studies, group work and presentations.

 PGOJ organizes interactive trainings for professionals. These cover a wide range of soft skills including financial, business management, information technology topics and Microsoft Office etc. The workshops are aimed for aspiring professionals and business leaders to learn about latest studies/concepts in leadership, management and information technology so as to improve their efficiency and productivity as an individual and as a team member.

Delivering knowledge requires more than just good material. It requires a professional teacher, mentor and advisor to establish comprehension and understanding of all aspects of the course. PGOJ promises to deliver in depth exposure to the business women and holds specialized certificates and qualifications in training with the coordination of professional training institutions.

The PGOJ organizes different programs for enhancing the writing and accounting ability of women and prepare them to highlight their issues through media. The PGOJ always has been vocal against the child labor and the organization holds different activities for highlighting the rights of children and accesses which are being committed with them. The child day programs are held in schools to educate the children about their rights and responsibilities. The reformative dramas, programs, documentaries, walks, games and other activities are organized on the occasion of international child day. The PGOJ also look after the orphan children with the assistance of philanthropists and provide clothes, school uniform, books, stationary and other necessary items.

The women are being forced to remain inside the four walls in some societies in our rural areas, the hundreds of women fell pray of old sick, slang and uncivilized customs every year in our country. Although raising voice for the rights of women is challenging and an uphill task but someone has to bell the cat. State has the basic responsibility to ease this task through legislation however, the federal and provincial governmentsin recent past have done some legislations to protect the women and give due rights to her.

The PGOJ is striving hard on many fronts within its capacity to play its role in highlighting the women rights issue and persuade such certain societies for giving up these sick and futile customs with reformative and informative drives and programs.

Women are not being considered equal citizens like men in some of our backward and feudal societies which are the social stigma; even the woman is the victim of her fellow woman in our society. Until and Unless,the women folk herself did not come forward in every field of life  and did not try to understand the issues of her fellow being , the society will remain imbalance. It is imperative to create the sense of responsibility among the women and a comprehensive planning needed to be chalked out to bring them forward in every sphere of life. It is also necessary to give them sense of protection, liberty and confidence within our social values and religious parameters so that they could able to take part in social, economic and political activities and play their role effectively in progress of national development.